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System crash vs full restart

(Topic created: 11-21-2021 07:24 PM)
Cosmic Ray
I've had a few system crashes, they look like a restart but only last a few seconds. And afterwards I've had issues with things getting weird, so if you have one do this:

1. Go to Samsung Members app (so it can catch the crash and do its automatic error report.
2. Wait for the report to finish sending.
3. Trigger a manual reboot.

4. Clear the system cache.
 + Power off the phone.
 + Hold power and volume up button down until you reach the debug menu
 + Use volume buttons to choose, and power button to select 'Wipe Cache Partition' then select 'Yes'
5. Repair Apps.
 + In the debug menu from step 4, use volume buttons to choose, and power button to select 'Repair Apps'

You will have a much more stable experience doing this than letting it cascade crash after crash.
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Hello @mindsunwound ,

Thank you for your Tip. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.

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