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For some reason my mobile data is very slow on the fold 3. Works normal on wifi. Tried everything and even changed carriers! Could it the latest... View Post


Hello @user0ZLwOIwVyR , This Forum is specifically for Beta users. As One UI 4 beta program for Z Fo... View Post

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I stopped using the beta as well. Can you add me back to the beta plan as well so I can upgrade please? View Post


Me four, can I also get assistance. I am no longer enrolled in beta and I have not received an updat... View Post

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T-Mobile never updated z fold 3 it the 12 th it all **bleep** TMobile sucks so does my z fold 3 View Post


I still didn't get the update as well, currently still in the beta View Post

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So what is really going on? It's supposed to be on the 9th for release. Its 12th now. Every other company already got the update. View Post


Hello @Sapple If you are still unable to update to official software, please send us a DM RegardsOne... View Post

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My watch and my android auto have not been receiving notifications when I get text messages for the last few days as anyone else having this... View Post


Mines been doing this too... have to reboot both devices to fix it usually. Still beta obviously and... View Post

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Still no update to stable on my fold 3, unlocked on metro (by tmo).Anything I can do to speed up the process without formatting the phone? Side note:... View Post


Hello @JWesCampbell @user5c1nCqxt87 @GameGuyNick @RaviKath @Sapple , We pushed an update for T-Mobil... View Post