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I got a subscription to 1Password with my 3 new eero 6E routers and I'm not sure if it's the beta software from Samsung that's doing it,... View Post

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Anybody have an issue where the wifi will not work and the Bluetooth will not turn on?. I have reset my wifi and Bluetooth setting and wipe my cache... View Post


I had this issue on the first beta. The way I fixed mine was to put the phone into airplane mode, sh... View Post

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When Starting to use my phone after it has sat overnight my Taskbar is only halfway shown at the bottom of the screen while in applications. After... View Post


It's not really a big problem. As I said, if you hold it down to make it disappear and then press ag... View Post

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We've kinda been left in the dark for almost a month now. Does anyone know when we might be getting anything? I mean. Older flagships and older... View Post


I've got the 9 Ultra with UI6. At least I can go there to see what my zfold 4 is supposed to do. View Post