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Apple music playback issue

(Topic created: 11-20-2023 04:56 AM)

I have an extremely peculiar issue after my previous update.

I am on an S23 Ultra UI 6 Beta. I use Apple Music as my primary music player on a Ford Ecosport connecting with a wired usb cable running Android Auto.

There are totally 2-3 issues that are bugging me to no end!

1. Previously, the music would stay paused at the exact place where I stopped and would continue seamlessly once I reconnect the phone in the car. Now, Apple music just jumps to the song I first searched and starts the playlist afresh.

2. Also the same song continues to replay until I force it to move forwards by pressing the infinity button to enable playing next songs in the list.

I am forced to take off my eyes from the road to sort out my music play every single time...

Maybe the issue is with Apple Music and I am writing to Apple too on the same issue.

Hope someone get my issue and is able to help me!


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