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Beta 2 dropped!

(Topic created: 10-11-2023 05:06 PM)
Hey everyone, just letting you know that the beta 2 dropped for the S22 Ultra at least the unlocked on T-Mobile version. I've updated to it and it is an absolutely massive improvement. It feels pretty much like a stable UI to me so far. There are absolutely zero bugs I've experienced, all of the UI bugs have been fixed for me, all the app crashes have been fixed and it is so smooth going through the UI that it feels like my phone is brand new again. It's crazy how snappy and smooth it is now. Compared to the first beta This is like a 500% improvement. Samsung updated some of their own apps as well, good lock got an update, there are still many modules that are unplugged though, wearables got an update and a bunch of others as well as it includes the October security patch. Everyone should update ASAP because that September patch was just not a great thing. I'm so happy to be off September patch and so happy that Samsung decided to give us a second beta even though stable should be ready in 2 weeks or so. They absolutely nailed it with this one! 
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