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After I updated to android 14 beta. I've noticed I wasn't receiving calls or notifications. My girlfriend said she called me and it went... View Post

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Hello, I just got done installing the Beta Update (S22 Ultra). So far I haven't encountered any issues, but I'm loving the Drop-Down... View Post

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I just updated my s22 ultra 5g to the beta program today. Ever since I updated it its been having a hard time connecting to my service. IT shows I got... View Post


I would try airplane mode on and the off. See if it helps. What carrier are u on? View Post

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Can we have like a quick way to adjust the eye comfort shield instead of having to select it and then it opens a new page to adjust the custom... View Post

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Would be sweet if Samsung implemented something like Apple's depth effect clock/wallpaper! I think it could be more dynamic and less basic.... View Post


i agree View Post