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Bixby Routines Back Up!

(Topic created: 10-10-2022 04:20 PM)
Bixby Rpitones that are defined by the user need to be backed up. Had a few issues where I had to go into safe mode to diagnose. Coming out of safe mode the routines I set regarding the programming of soft and hard keys are deleted! 
Should not have to redo. If safe mode needs to disable then allow the user to enable for use again.

Example of remapping a button...

Double press volume key to open Goggle Assistant and set the output volume of the Assistant at whatever level you want so not to quiet and not too loud. 

Much more that you can do with the buttons. Very good, but I don't want to redo everytime there is an issue with the phone.

Let's go Bixby Team!
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Beta Moderator

Hello ,
Thank you for your feedback.
If you haven’t already, Please update Samsung Members app to latest version from the Galaxy store and send us an error report immediately after experiencing the issue from the Samsung member’s app -> Beta Feedback -> Error Reports to help us debug the issue.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your contribution to the beta program.

One UI Beta Team