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Google Wallet

(Topic created: 11-09-2023 05:30 PM)
I now see what I have been missing with Google Wallet vs. Samsung Pay.
While in Beta for One UI6, tap to pay is not available because of the security risk of an official software. 

Glad to have Samsung Wallet as a backup; however, when the stable release drops I think it will be Google Wallet all the way. 

Right off the bat, GW downloaded several of my loyalty cards and airline club memberships from GMail. The data that is stored in Gmail is convenient but also kind of scary. Anywho... We'll just say convenient for now.

Adding more cards was easy!

Now, I won't have the convenience of swiping up on the lock screen to launch Samsung Wallet, but I plan to map one of the side buttons or software navigation buttons with Bixby Routines for quick access anywhere. 

Google Wallet seems to be highly integrated across the web to pull in flight boarding passes, event tickets and the like. 
Reward program is likely to actually be worth something unlike Samsung.

Okay, I'm on the bandwagon... Let's go stable release! I get what all the fuss is about from other posts.😂

BTW: Being able to put GW on more than one watch is great. Not sure why Samsung does not allow this with Samsung Wallet. 

GW works on the watches because they have an official release of software.
So tap to pay with GW on watches, just not on the phone when on beta. Cough! 😮💨
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I think samsung hurt themselves once they took out the MST Chip. I would use samsung Pay every day, but once they took it off, I stopped using samsung Pay & Google Pay . But I do know people would rather use Google pay over samsung
Agree... MST was the competitive edge, but now there are more NFC terminals at least in the U.S.
It was cool while it lasted.
I had fun going to stores where the cashier was like, we don't have Apple Pay.
That's all anyone thought of at the time. Then I would scan my phone and they were like wow what is that?
It's a Samsung.
That's cool...

But no more.

GP is now on top because Google's vast network into the internet.

I agree with you.