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In The Future Of One UI......

(Topic created: 11-16-2021 06:30 PM)
I sincerely hope that Android 13 (One UI 5 or 6) beta program will have a better experience than Android 12 (One UI 4). Prematurely finalizing the software without fixing the 120 Hz Refresh Rate With Stretch Animation and Wifi Speeds/Connections with no beta 5 was a bad move Samsung.Beta 3 was flawless on my Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 Plus,Beta 4 was just a reminder of 1 & 2 (quite underwhelming). I've been using Samsung Galaxy phones since the Galaxy S3/Note 3 and over the years I've noticed that Samsung has always failed at maximumizing the hardware and software experience.Cutting corners (Examples: No Micro SD Card Slots, Degrading cameras on regular S and Plus flagship phones,No chargers in the boxes and no 512 GB/1 TB storage options for midrange and flagship devices) but demanding higher prices. Now maybe in future One UI updates some of my suggestions in my last 2 beta post will be taken more seriously.

1.Ultrawide Flash Option across the board in camera app.
2.Real Pro Mode Changes: Telephoto option with 20x zoom lock,better Ultrawide quality and temperature option in manual mode.
3.More snappier switching between zoom options.
4.Vertical Scrolling option in app drawer.
5.Dedicated toggle for easier split screen multitasking.
6.Second Space/Private Space feature to replace secure folders.
7.Bluetooth S-Pen support from previous generations,not just S-Pen Pro.
8.Custom EQ Settings option in Galaxy Wearable App for all wireless earbuds and real Active Noise Cancelling/Call Quality.
9.A new implementation of Live Focus Video Mode that rivals or destroys Apple's Cinematic Mode.

Samsung I have be hard on you because I know what you're truly capable of and I know how great you can be if you maximumize the hardware and software experience on Galaxy devices.Let's go back to giving consumers everything. Why play 2nd to Xiaomi when you don't have to?
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Cosmic Ray
I agree with everything above. It seems this company is relying on what they want and not what the consumers want 💀
Samsung fails to realize that the Galaxy S21 FE is dead on arrival in 2022, not to mention the A53.
Honestly this beta was bad. I feel like they rushed the final build out when their should have been at least one more beta. Maybe I've been spoiled from my days having an iPhone, but I expect much better from a public beta program.
I agree. This Beta was bad even the Samsung Member App didn't work as it should. They never fix the Adaptive Refresh Rate so I am still using the standard 60Hz until I get the official version.
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Thank you for your post. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.



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