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Hey I have the Galaxy s21 plus and my phone is still receiving the beta program pop up after I restart my phone. I also wanna know when will I receive... View Post

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Last update i got on my unlocked S21 5G was in october. Is there way to get an update to oneui 4.1 without downgrade and data loss? View Post


Did u find a solve for this? I have the same problem View Post

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Hey yall I was in the beta program back when it started and opted out later on, now my phone is stuck on 4.0 rather than 4.1. Didn't really notice... View Post


Were you able to solve this issue? View Post

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I keep getting notices that one ui beta program has ended to opt out download latest software on my s21 ultra. A ybody know how I xan do this ? View Post


Did you find a solution? View Post

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The beta program has enden and it tells me that I need to install the new software update so i can get out of the beta program, but I can't find... View Post


Means I am not the only one. Gonna rake mine to geeksquad. Let them figure it out. They can't I get ... View Post

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I left the beta a while ago after some issues. I'm currently still on the 1 sep security patch and haven't received any updates in like 4... View Post


I did the same and I still being on the beta software View Post

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Hello, I recently bought a S21 Ultra from someone who had put the phone on the OneUI 4 beta. Because I changed the samsung account when I recieved it,... View Post


Same here. Samsung **bleep** the pooch here. Either downgrade through smart switch and then upgrade ... View Post