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Official Update

(Topic created: 01-21-2022 09:49 AM)
Note 20 5g unlocked on T-Mobile, finally got the update. There were a lot of issues this time around, I'm hoping that a lot got fixed. 
Just remember guys, speak up when things aren't working but don't be rude about it. The developers have to work hard to fix things and it's not like the bugs are intentionally put there by them. It's tedious work to figure out where these things are and to fix them and have everything else still work without extra bugs popping up.
Don't be one of those people that are mean and nasty for no reason. They are people too. If you can't handle bugs then don't participate in the Betas. You CHOSE to participate knowing full well that the beta was probably going to have many bugs. Don't complain about stuff like that when you volunteered to help fix it. This isn't just a free way to get the update sooner than everyone else. It's to help millions of users avoid dealing with the bugs. Be kind. Be courteous. Be patient. 
See yall next time (if there is one kind of doubting it with how awful some of us were about these things) 
Happy Testing and Happy Official release! 
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Thank you for your Feedback. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.

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