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SIM Card Manager Still Not Fixed

(Topic created: 11-11-2021 02:28 PM)
Samsung has still not fixed the SIM Card Manager reduced functionality in the beta.

The US and Canada are the last to get the eSIM functionality, the rest of the world has had it since the introduction of the S21 (and before.) The graphic I've attached to this posting shows what the SIM Card Manager interface looks like in the rest of the world - with separate toggles to set the preferred SIM separately for Calls, Messages, and Mobile data. This supports the very common use case where people will use one SIM for data and the other SIM for outgoing calls and texts (both SIMs always work for incoming calls and texts.)

For some reason, the version of the SIM Card Manager in the beta (and probably in the actual release) does not support this functionality. There is a toggle to select the preferred SIM - but only one toggle, and that sets the same preferred SIM for Calls, Messages, and data. So while the rest of the world gets 3 toggles, we only get one.

Presumably this would not be too difficult a fix, given that the SIM Card manager app in the rest of the world has the 3 toggles. 

Samsung - please fix this.


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I agree but then the beta is useless if devs cant implement useful requests or basic usable features. If they are asking as to be bug detectors, then the beta program is trash. They need to listen to the user feedback to make the device more user friendly.