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Seen some off putting comments

(Topic created: 10-22-2021 12:55 PM)
BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. We need to be professional at finding bugs if you can help an individual great keep helping, if you comment something that discourages an individual from obtaining useful information they might not of seen look at it from that prospective and help them understand. We need to be nice to each other and start acting like this is a family (samsungs family) we are all lucky enough to be a part of this so make some friends get comfortable with the new people popping up basically we need wholesome vibes to be respected professionally.   ---> help each other so we can help samsung 
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Hello @Sk3l3wo1f ,

Thank you for the post 🙏🙏🙏. We hope every member in the beta program treats other as friends and family. Every year for the ONE UI Beta Program, we have a lot of users who never participated in beta program before. It is important to welcome them and make them comfortable in the community. 

One UI Beta Team