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Unnecessary apps

(Topic created: 07-16-2023 06:51 AM)

How can I turn off unnecessary apps, Samsung and otherwise, on my Galaxy Watch 4?  And if not, why not?  These apps (some duplicate function) just chew ito battery life and reduce responsiveness.  When I check into what is loaded into memory, I'm astounded. 90% of that stuff is in support of programs I will not use, and don't want to use. I can force stop a lot of them, but they just restart, and for what? I'm still not going to use them. Why? I've used Samsung Watches for years. I was happy when I  tuned my GW3 to give me 3 days of battery, but I'm struggling to get 2 days out of my GW4, and the switch from Tizen to Android has resulted in a "happy-land" of useless stuff, running in the background, just constantly munching on my battery. Again, why?

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Thank you for your feedback.

Please check this link for helpful suggestions on improving battery life on your Watch: Reduced battery life on your Samsung smart watch.

If you continue to have battery issues, please use the Samsung Members app to submit an error report.

We appreciate your contribution to the Beta Program.


One UI Beta Team


I have done all the things in that battery saving guide short of using power saving mode, which turns my $300 smart watch into a $300 dumb watch. The diagnostics say my GW4 is just fine. 

Again, what I am asking is why we can't be allowed to simply turn off all unused or unnecessary apps?  I am not talking about crippling the OS, but rather turning off programs that use memory and steal CPU clock cycles that people do not need or want. These apps chew up your battery. It's our smart watch, why can't we decide?

One of the biggest criticisms of Samsung smart watches is battery life, or the lack thereof. The batteries are undersized (my opinion) and the electronics are relatively power hungry. That results in short battery life, angst over whether one's smart watch will "die" before they can recharge it, frequent 2 hour charging sessions, and ultimately, frustrated users/Samsung customers. All this for what?, duplicate programs, unnecessary programs, and apparently deliberate exacerbation of an already difficult power management problem. 

Again I am not talking about damaging the integrity of the OS, but rather allowing the customer/user to determine which, and how many apps, he or she wants to run - not some engineer or marketing manager at Samsung Central. 

The ratio of battery to Android smart watch nowhere near the ratio of battery to Android tablet. You can make what you sell more efficient for the user/customer if you turn off all the apps and let the user/customer decide what they want to turn on and run. They will appreciate that level of respect. 

I am a repeat customer who looks at Samsung as a tech leader, but I also question this leadership in situations like this.