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Youtube Music Feedback

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 08:25 AM)
I have noticed 3 things that have changed for me in youtube music since the beta update.

1. When music is playing and app is minimized I have a small equalizer on the screen that never goes away unless I close the app. It is only 5 black bars that go up and down with the music. Only the bars block what it is playing over. 
2. Control widget on lock screen isn't there. It's nice to be able to control the app without having to unlock the phone and open the app. I followed the instructions several other people suggested which was to go in and turn notifications on. That didn't work but within notifications there is a spot that says "notifications for selected apps will be shown as brief." All apps are checked. I unchecked the youtube music app then it worked just like it should. 
3. When playing youtube music through the Google maps app it works fine. When I close the maps app, however, the music keeps playing and I have to open the youtube music app and turn the music off. Everything used to stop when the maps app was closed. This is a real pain and it would be nice to have that feature back. 
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Beta Moderator

Hello @U2fanatic ,

As issue involves a Google app, fix needs to be performed from the application side. It would be best if you let app developers know of this issue through their support channels.

One UI Beta Team