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Apps not functioning after update to Android 12 (S21+)

(Topic created: 11-25-2021 05:15 AM)
Cosmic Ray

I've never had a problem with an update before, but after the update to Android 12, my phone is a mess. Specifically, Facebook no longer lets me click any links. Amazon Prime Video won't let me do ANYTHING. It's getting annoying to have to Google articles I'm seeing on Facebook so I can read them, and when I want to add something on Prime Video to my watchlist or buy something, I have to go to the Amazon Shopping app and search for it. I already tried reinstalling them, already tried clearing the cache and data, nothing is working. I'm sure other apps are problematic now too, but these are the two that are causing me the most trouble.

Anyone experiencing this?

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Hello @teambrittana ,

As issue involves a 3rd party app, fix needs to be performed from the application side. It would be best if you let app developers know of this issue through their support channels.

One UI Beta Team