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Dynamic Weather Forecast Widget

(Topic created: 11-05-2021 02:55 PM)
Hello! I love the Dynamic Weather Widget, but I also love the information on the forecast widget. It would be great if you combined both instead of having to choose between one. Just a suggestion though. Thanks! Oh it also would be nice if the forecast widget would scale correctly to my screen. What I mean is that the degrees should be on the left, and the days of the week should be on the right. Instead of when being on top of each other, it saves space and makes everything bigger and easier to read doing it this way. It used to be like this on Samsung Experience, but when One UI came around, you changed it. Ok that's it. Bye!
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Thank you very much for your suggestion. Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.



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