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Has anyone else had any problems with Samsung not honouring their warranties. I have a  3 month old TV developed an internal cracked screen yet... View Post


Yepmy niece has the exact same problem.Both JB-HiFi and Samsung blame her. She is devastated. There ... View Post

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Make all the Samsung watchfaces available for download from previous galaxy watches and give us full customization, on them as we were able to... View Post

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Seems like since DLn the beta e eeything is laggy, from using the calculator while I'm at work to changing music on the Spotify app and even... View Post

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Still no final release software for my unlocked ZFlip running on TMobile. I think I'll skip future Samsung betas because going first can mean... View Post


I haven't received an update. I unenrolled from the beta program a long time ago and I thought I rec... View Post

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A friend has the same Flip model and got the full version of Android 12 the other day and got ANOTHER update today. And I'm still stuck on the... View Post


Did you lose Hulu and Netflix on the beta? I did and a friend now on the full version says they didn... View Post

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It's 1/9 and I'm a TMO customer with an unlocked Z Flip 3 and still no final Android 12 update. View Post


It's mid-afternoon on 1/12/22 and still no final Android 12 update on my unlocked Z Flip 3 on T-Mobi... View Post