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(Topic created: 11-09-2022 11:12 PM)
I realize this is beta software forum, but good lord! 

I went to jot down something. Instead of just being able to write it down(take 30 seconds), I had to:

1. Open the calendar app
2. had to open the screen
3. Open the calendar(it was associated with Dr's appointment)
4. Open up the date,
5. Open the the event
6. Figure out how to write on the confounded weird writing pad
7. Write the 3 little words( that by the way I had almost forgot after all this back and forth) 

Please, please, please! Put a digitizer to use the pen on the front screen(this is best), or modify the pen(pro) to have some kind of "eraser tip" to allow front screen simple note taking! Screw the thin nonsense(put a bigger screen in the front for God's sake), screw apple(no paper thin devices, mini batteries), and do what's best for us fold users! And not a sliver of a pen on the inside! This was a most frustrating 25 minutes to do, what be a simple quick note 30 seconds on a less expensive, older generation and technology galaxy note! 

If need be, make a "fold ultimate" with all requests and high end specs! Charge us extra! I know I'll pay for it, versus crippling us on some very important levels, while charging an arm and a leg..
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