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Samsung Internet for Galaxy Book

(Topic created: 11-02-2021 02:08 PM)
One UI 4 is great and I love the new Samsung Internet beta that recently came out but during SDC 2021 ( Samsung Developer Conference) Samsung made a big deal about One UI Book 4 and how it would unify windows and other Galaxy devices. The problem with this is that we are still missing Samsung Internet from Galaxy Book devices. It seems like such an oversight on the dev teams part from my point of view. If you want a unified experience across all platforms, I would think that an internet browser should be at the forefront of your efforts. We need to have our tabs and history synced across our devices and have one internet browser for our daily tasks rather than having to switch between Samsung Internet on phones then Chrome or Edge on PC. Either make Samsung Internet available on Galaxy Books or make Microsoft Edge the default web browser across all of your devices. I personally prefer Samsung Internet to all other browsers but the big advantage of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox is that they have apps for all platforms where as Samsung only provides a mobile browser for phones, tablets, and watches. Please consider this. It is not a suggestion as much as it is a necessity. Thank you. 
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Hello @User5741 ,

Thank you for your feedback. We will pass on your feedback to our usability team for review.

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Hello, it's the end of 2023, I have bought the new Galaxy S23 Ultra and started using Samsung Internet (not a very good name, it should have a proper name like Saturn Browser for example). I love Samsung Internet on my phone, but for my surprise there's no version for PC. That's way overdue. Any updates regarding that?


I agree. I was shocked just now to find out Samsung Internet isn't available on my GalaxyBook. That's the only browser that I use for my S22 Ultra. It would be great if there was an option to install it.