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Suggestions 5.0!!!

(Topic created: 08-14-2023 04:50 PM)

The thing yall all have been waiting for! Suggestions 5.0! Here is the Suggestions I've been wanting since Suggestions 4.0 and Suggestions 4.5! This will be the last Suggestions I've will do since it's one ui 5 and Suggestions 5.0 and that's how I want it.

Suggestions log:

1. Add tablet widget in the tile of battery.

2. Add a blue background on the weather app.

3. More add-ons on the notifications of the all most there.

4. Make the push ups activity know how many push ups your doing.

5. Make xbox more exssecable for watches.

6. Make Digital Welbing for watches.

7. Be able to control the watch from your phone within the app.

8. Have a app of how many decibels are around you.

9. Have some mini games like apple.

10. Be able to change the colors when you turn on the flash light option.

11. Have a steps widget on when you do a work out.

That's all, if you liked all the suggestions I made, make sure to like this post!

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