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The notifications system needs an update

(Topic created: 08-12-2023 01:13 AM)
  • There should be a button that goes straight to notification history (stock Android has this, additionally if you press "no notifications" it also goes to history)
  • Pausing notifications from a particular app for a set amount of time. For instance, when you're in a group chat and other people are having a conversation, and you don't want to be spammed with notifications, you could pause all notifications from that app for a while.
  • Allow us to disable notifications from system apps, such as galaxy store ads & updates, "this app is using this permission or working in the background" notifications, the notification saying do not disturb is on (why is this a thing lol?), charging notification, etc. Like some of these may be useful to some people but just let us disable them if we want
  • The "notification settings" button doesn't even go to the full notification settings page, just app notification settings, which you then have to press the back arrow (not the back button or gesture, mind you, but the actual back arrow in the top left) to access the rest of the notification settings
  • Also custom app priorities would be much appreciated
  • Not a big deal but speaking of stock Android notification settings, when you long press a notification and press notification settings on stick Android, it brings you straight to that notification channel & highlights it like when you search in settings, and I've really been missing it since switching to Samsung
  • Would be nice if you could restore cleared/opened notifications from history (I personally use my notifications as a kind of checklist)
  • The ability to control notification grouping would be nice

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Yes especially to the second one; pausing notifications from an app for a while.
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Thank you very much for your suggestion.
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