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[UPDATED 11/21/2021] All bugs and ideas from everyone

(Topic created: 11-21-2021 12:15 PM)
These are the list of updates OneUI should have had long time ago! I hope they add it in future OneUI 4 and not make us wait for the next generation OneUI which would be very upsetting. If anyone agrees with my list please comment so samsung can see this.

Tip #1:
Add Samsung Discover to S20 devices

Tip #2:
Add a slower and smoother closing and entering app animation

Tip #3:
Add the rotating brightness icon in the notification menu. Why remove it?

Tip #4:
Bigger and wider notification buttons.

Tip #5:
Better looking default icons.

Tip #6:
About 5% more rounded widgets.

Tip #7:
More widgets needs to be added. These are just redesigned old widgets.

Tip #8:
Bring back the old music player in notification menu!

Tip #9:
Decrease the app drawer darkness by 5-10%

Tip #10:
Vertical games should have the same animations as horizontal games when leaving the app (aka. Closing the app)

Tip #11:
Have a new design for the time, battery, wifi, battery percentage, etc icon in the notification above. Its 2021, not 2016.

Tip #12:
Have the ability to remove bixby and not force us to keep it.

Tip #13:
The smoothness of homescreen and lockscreen notification swipe down is not the same. This means, the lockscreen has a laggy swipe down animation.

Tip #14:
Make the bottom navigation bar thicker by 1px and 5% smaller.

Tip #15:
Only have a circle around the emojis in the keyboard and not the other icons.

Tip #16;
Add a smoother opening emoji section

Tip #17:
A new animation for swipe typing.

Tip #18:
Add color to the camera icon and phone icon in the lockscreen.

Tip #19:
When loading to view app notifications on a app. There should be a new design. The current one looks too old, nothing compared to modern designs. 

Tip #20:
Make it possible to talk using the phone microphone while using bluetooth earphones. What if your bluetooth microphones are broken, and you only hear sound?

Tip #21:
Opening and closing apps are not that smooth, a update of these new animations would be nice to have. Feels a little laggy. The animations should be created in 60fps not feel like 49-50fps!

Tip #22: 
The notifications on some apps are closed. I missed having the larger notifications so I can have the ability to view more of that app. This can prevent misclicks.

Tip #23:
The google search widget is not the same dark theme as the default dark widgets. Yes, i know you could change it by google settings. But if i do that, there is no colorful google icons on the search!

Tip #24:
Searching for wifi networks is a lot slower than before.

Tip #25:
Opening and closing the camera app is wayyy too laggy! This is for all s20, s21, note 20 series!

Tip #26:
The notes app sometimes deletes all the words in one certain note (not the others) this happens when you type too quick and type a lot. I believe grammarly has something to do with this.

Tip #27:
Apps are shutting down by themselves randomly (examples: tiktok, snapchat) without any notices.

Tip #28:
Some settings options in the settings app are not ONEUI 4 themed. They have android 12 default theme.

Tip #29:
When closing a widget (example: calender widget) and having the calender app in homescreen, disables the widget animation and starts the app closing widget.

Tip #30:
Add option to disable app icon dark mode. I like the normal colors than having them darken.

Tip #31:
Add esim support for s20 ultra. We all have it, just disabled by software.

Tip #32:
Using 1.5gb more ram than before. What happened to google's announcement of reducing ram usage and improve the overall experience of all apps? No matter what Android? 

Tip #33:
Where is the samsung themed google message app seen on s21 series?

Comment below, let me know what you think! I plan on adding more overtime! 

11 Replies
Thank you! I updated this post! With more tips!
#23 and #28 yes, I've noticed this too. The permissions manager, for example, shows Google's greyish dark mode and header font instead of Samsung's black dark mode and font.

I wonder if certain Google-provided components are not themeable by vendors like Samsung. I know some, including permission manager, are directly updated through Project Mainline by Google.

I would certainly like to see them themed if possible!