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Visual Voicemail

(Topic created: 10-06-2021 11:29 AM)
Is there any way to incorporate a stock Samsung Visual Voicemail into the dialer, so that we can access our Voicemail, without the need to use the extremely under par carrier visual voicemail apps? I have T-Mobile, amd TMO visual is the same boring app that has remained almost unchanged for years... The layout and UI, in my opinion, is absolutely horrible. 

Not to mention the fruit, but they've had visual voicemail baked into their dialer for years, and it's performed flawless.. 

Can we incorporate this into One UI? 
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Cosmic Ray
I'm sure it would be easy for Samsung to implement, but it probably wouldn't work. The hard part would be getting all the carriers on board. The fruit you speak of controls the software completely on their devices, carriers have very little influence and they have paid handsomely to keep it that way. Android on the other hand, being an open software is released and then tweaked specifically by each carrier before it ever gets to your phone.
Most carriers don't see the value in making visual voicemail a seamless experience, so they don't help out on their side of things.

In short the fruit does it in house for 4 different phones total, easy.

Android has dozens of different phones, not just Sammy, so carriers give up and don't try to make things better.
Beta Moderator

Hello @TopherLee ,

Voicemail app requirements are governed by carriers and we need to follow them to be able to release device through the carrier. 


One UI Beta Team