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So I have been bta testing one UI 5.0 on my Z flip4. Honestly it's been pretty stable without any problems. But really there is not a difference... View Post


Is it the same as my 22 plus. I know the folding phones have a slight difference in software View Post

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Why can't you guys just make this button an on and off, rather than a button jump to settings and let us turn on and can't have one to turn... View Post

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When I flip open and unlock my phone it stays in flex mode while all the way unfolded until I fold it again. Anyone have this issue? View Post

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Can we possibly get Samsung Dex, but a liter version for the Flip 4? Maybe even allowing the home screen to be customized when in flex mode, Like a... View Post


I agree I am using the Flip4 and would like to see Samsung DeX come to the Flip Series. View Post

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When changing a wallpaper, the UI gets stuck and the Edge Panel crashes and disappears.  View Post