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5 pro

(Topic created: 08-15-2023 08:20 AM)

Battery :battery: has gotten better than the first download but I feel could still be better.  New watch faces I like it.  I would like more options on the wear app with our watches.  I like to see a 49mm pro watch lol 😆  all in all good update since I originally bought my watch :watch:️ 

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You should see better performance from your watch as you update through the various beta updates and run at least 3 recharge cycles thereafter. The watch needs to learn your use habits and each beta update may influence that. I got the best performance from the 4th and 5th betas on my Watch4 classic, but I also advocate taking the steps to turn stuff off as I've detailed in other posts/replies. Once you've get battery life you like, you can start turning on stuff again that you need/want/tolerate to suit your needs. 

Samsung really does need to give us more operational control over apps. This stuff that we do not/will not use just eats battery power in the background and we have little control over it.