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Return phone missing by carrier

(Topic created: 12-02-2022 08:37 PM)


I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but at this point I am pretty desperate. Does anyone know a way to resolve this?

I returned a phone recently, Samsung S21 Ultra that I bought through the Samsung. I used the package it came to me in and the return label I was given by Samsung. Something happened during the shipping process and the box apparently arrived empty.Its Very weird. I have tried calling Samsung support but they have given me conflicting information about what is going on. They have requested a refund several times but it gets denied by the returns department. They can't give me any information on what the box looks like or a picture of it when it arrived. I can't even get a number or be transferred to talk to the returns department who keeps denying my refund. I was told to open a case with FedEx and was finally able to after being told a few times by FedEx that since Samsung created the label that they would need to open the case. I am still waiting to hear from FedEx but this got me thinking, why can't Samsung work with FedEx to find out what happened? They would definitely have more pull with them than I would since they use them to ship and return phones.

Support also told me that at this point there is nothing they can do and I could write and mail a letter to the Office of the President of Samsung......

Surely there is someone I can talk to before doing a step like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need to post this elsewhere just point me in the right direction 


Jahid hossain









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