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Android 12 One UI 4 Icons Improvement suggestions And one ui 3.1 bug fix suggestions

(Topic created: 09-13-2021 05:26 AM)
Cosmic Ray

I hope samsung would make substantial changes to the one ui icons in the next coming update. Many people have said including me, that the icons look so low quality, I just noticed the reason for this is because the colors of the icons is monotonous and flat without shadow or gradient effect thus contributing to the "dull" look of the icons. Unlike other android skins which is quite colorful and especially ios. That is why when I try to view a screenshot of an ios homescreen on my s21 it looks so pretty. Hoping that samsung would make changes to this.


Please remove the unecessarily long loading screen when connecting a galaxy buds, because even when I try to exit it’s already connected even if it says its still loading.. Totally unecessary waiting time.. And also please fix skipping animations of the settings and other apps when opened multiple times.

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Hello @KylieJenner ,

Thank you for your feedback. We will pass on your feedback to our usability team for review.

One UI Beta Team