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One Ui 4.0 Improvement List

(Topic created: 09-20-2021 10:44 AM)
1.Ultrawide flash option in camera app across the board (All Modes) ($1,200 phone no excuses) (trade in or no trade in)
2.Pro Mode Changes: telephoto option needed,better ultrawide camera quality and temperature option in manual mode.
3.Faster switching between zoom options in camera.
4.120 Hz refresh rate at full potential (smoother and faster)
5.One Ui overall speed and performance needs a serious boost if possible (fast as or faster than xiaomi phones)
6.Vertical scrolling option in app drawer.
7.Shop samsung app login fix.
8.Easier split screen multi-tasking option.
9.Second Space/Private Space feature like on huawei phones.
10.Better and faster fingerprint and face unlock.
11.Bluetooth S-Pen support across the board on S21 Ultra (Not just S-Pen Pro only)
12.Super wallpapers would be nice.
13.Custom EQ Settings in galaxy wearable app for wireless earbuds.
14.Note Series Revived in Next generation Z Series lineup in 2022 (Galaxy Z Note 22 Ultra 5g) (bonus request)
15.Louder sound quality and better noise canceling for wireless earbuds in 2022 (2nd bonus request)
16.45w to 55w fast charging speeds on all mid-range and flagship samsung phones in 2022.

Maybe I'm asking for too much but samsung it's time to make these changes and improvements,otherwise lower the prices on your products. And put the chargers back in the box,don't send the cables without it.
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Beta Moderator

Hello @christopherharris91 ,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Your suggestions have been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.

One UI Beta Team