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Why not give us everything for $1,200?

(Topic created: 10-23-2021 06:28 PM)
Don't get me wrong,One UI 4 Beta 3 is much better than Beta 1 and 2 in my opinion.I do appreciate bug fixes,speed/performance boost overall,120hz refreshing back at full potential,color palette options and so forth.However there are still things that need to be implemented and changed before the final release.

1.Option to turn off Ram Plus (Virtual Memory)
Not really helpful in real life day-to-day experience (S21 Ultra already has 12-16 gb of ram so I find this feature useless)
2.Ultrawide Flash Option in camera app across the board,all modes (No Excuses)
3.Pro Mode Changes: Telephoto option needed with 20x zoom,better ultrawide camera quality and temperature option in manual mode.
4.Switching between zoom options in camera needs to be a little more snappier.
5.Vertical scrolling option in app drawer.
6.Shop Samsung App: fix login issue or rebuild/major update the entire app for android 12.
7.Split Screen Multi-tasking: a dedicated toggle for easier/faster access would be nice. Holding down the app for that is getting old.
8.Second Space/Private Space feature like on huawei phones ( Samsung's Replacement for Secure Folders)
9.Bluetooth S-Pen support from previous generations (2018-2020) not just S-Pen Pro Only.
10.Custom EQ Settings options in Galaxy Wearable App for all wireless earbuds.
11.Samsung's Version of Cinematic Mode (I'd like to see it in the near future)

I know I'm still asking for too much and can't have everything but for $1,200 why not give us everything? Galaxy Note 9 use to be the phone that had everything. Note 20 Ultra was a great phone but a missed opportunity compared to the Note 10 Plus. Samsung you guys can make these things happen if you really wanted to so for $1,200 why not? No more holding back.
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1. No need to turn off if you don't use you don't use it but its there I don't get the thinking of why need an option to turn it off.
Beta Moderator

Hello @christopherharris91 ,

Thank you for your feedback. We will pass on your feedback to our usability team for review.

One UI Beta Team