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Apple TV / 85” Samsung video signal intermittent

(Topic created: 10-31-2021 11:47 PM)
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     I just upgraded my 65” Samsung tv to an 85” a Samsung AU800DF TV but now my Appletv signal is intermittent. Sometime the video signals comes through fine but most times I get the No signal / check source page from the tv is. All other sources (directv,  NVR, DVD, Firestick etc) all work flawlessly. The appletv worked without problem on our 65” Samsung as well. 

I am running all of the sources including the appletv through a Denon Avr-X2200w receiver into HDMI 1.  

Firmware on the TV, AppleTv and receiver are all up to the latest releases.

I have not tried switching to hdmi 2 port because we run an ego system and would have to have the system reprogrammed to select hdmi 2 each time an input is  switched. 

any help or suggestions?  

thank you!! 


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