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Q60B TV to old Stereo Receiver

(Topic created: 01-21-2023 07:01 AM)
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I had my old Pioneer stereo receiver connected to my old Samsung TV via RCA composite cables.  It worked great with my Bose speakers, which are connected to the receiver, and sounded great when I would mute the TV sound and let the TV play through the external Bose speakers.

Is there a way to do something similar with my new Samsung Q60B TV?  There are no composite connection options on the back panel of the TV.  Could I possibly use the optical port on the back of the TV with some type of composite to optical cable if such a cable is even available?

I looked at soundbars but it appears that you need to go high end (like $500+ range) or the music does not sound great and I used Pandora a lot on my old TV through the stereo receiver speakers with great sound.

Thanks for your advice.

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