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A21: Casting from apps triggers safe mode

(Topic created: 03-19-2024 12:07 AM)
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Its me, again. SM-217M.

I'm not stuck with safe mode. If I reboot the phone it does go away, it works as a temporary solution, temporary being 5 minutes or so because the cast got broken with update A217MUBSBDWK2 so that If I reboot phone > I get rid of safe mode > cast > safe mode (again) > reboot > get rid > cast > safe mode (again). A never ending story.

I can't accept rebooting my device as a definitive solution because what's broken is cast not safe mode itself.

I know I'm not im place to ask for a new update for a series that's not longer being maintained, I kindly ask with a prior firmware in which I clearly remember this problem didn't exist.

For clarification, yes, I rebooted.

Yes, no matter the times I reboot the casting problem persists.(I remember trying 30 or more times in a single afternoon and guess what, it's still there)

I restored the phone to factory settings a couple of times with no different results.

All my apps had been updated the whole time that's how I know it's not a me problem.


I used to use the option for ram plus but if I disable the changes don't apply even after reboot (it shows it's using 4gb, 2 more gb than originally assigned by system and now it's stuck to use 4gb, 2gb more than phone specs), it's related to this problem because it appeared the same time the cast issues started. Mentioned with hopes it gives insight on where the problem may reside in all this.

Thanks for reading.

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