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All photos and videos along with some other files erased after One UI 6.1 OS update

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Dear All

My phone's One UI 6.1 update from last night erased all of my photos and videos, along with the camera folder and some of the folders I created within the My Files app. I had never encountered this issue previously during an OS update, but I didn't realise the files were missing until this morning. I didn't realise the photos and videos were missing until I tried to share some images with my coworkers. My ringtone had changed to the Samsung default. Because the camera folder is missing, I was unable to even try to use the feature that allows you to restore deleted files.

I called Samsung customer service, and after a few remote checks and app preference resets, they asked me to bring it to the closest service location. They responded, "That's not possible," and then took a few pictures. They showed me that the camera folder is now accessible and that it will eventually be generated on its own. I understand this process completely. When I asked where my missing files were, they didn't know what the issue was. If the circumstances are different, we can use any recovery programme to retrieve the files. In this instance, the files simply vanished following an OS update and restart.

Has anyone faced this situation before, and if yes, have you recovered the files? Please guide me in the right direction.


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