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Bluetooth keeps turning on after phone gets charged?

(Topic created: 03-18-2024 02:30 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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Anyone have same issues or heard anything about why my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A03s the bluetooth turns on after getting charged? Each time when my phone battery dies and it's completely shut off, and than I charging it, and turning on my phone bluetooth turns on too.

I never had this issue before. My phone is not very old I've only had it for 1 or 2 years. So I don't know what the issue. 
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Well, if you have Samsung smart things app installed on your phone there is a setting that allows wifi and Bluetooth to be turned on automatically. Check your settings for this by swiping up on the home page, type in 'Bluetooth', and if you see "turn on wifi and bluetooth automatically" click on this and uncheck the tickbox so it's NOT selected. It will stop bluetooth from automatically being turned on. Hope this fixes your issue.