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Can't use fingerprint to unlock A15 while on phone calls

(Topic created: 03-19-2024 04:32 PM)
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During phone calls, if my phone lock screen appears, my phone asks for the unlocking password letters rather than my fingerprint password - I can't even use my fingerprint to unlock while my phone is in a phone call. 

 This is very exasperating, one is encouraged to have a very complex hard to enter password. Now, if I'm in a phone call, I have to be entering this hard to enter password every minute. 
 I normally have to Google something quickly during a phone call, but I can't because my phone is locked and typing takes toooooooo loooooong
 Why is fingerprint use disabled in phone calls?
 After I end the phone call, I can unlock my phone with my fingerprint, as usual, but I can't use my fingerprint to unlock my phone during a phone call...
Seems to be a Samsung thing because I copied that entire message from a different product on this forum.
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