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Galaxy A14 5G internet disconnects issue

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Ok, I have a galaxy a14 5G but it's not on there. wean I'm at my house and like... play/doing things with/need internet it just... disconnect idk why or how. If someone could tell me please do.

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Just got a A14 5G.
Almost but opposite thing is happened to me. But, too, it's kind of the same thing in that my connection dropped. But, it was the opposite because the website only loaded half-way. It downloaded the websites UI but not it's 'actual area that I needed (yes, what I needed) it just said "no internet, check connection " but the place I was at has wi-fi , So my data plan should've kicked in and it should have connected, but didn't. Even tried rebooting. Nothing. until I got back home, then it worked. So, basically, I'm having the exact opposite of what you're having going on. 🙃 yes , UI one thing popped up for me too.

note: your disconnecting issues could be your internet service provider having issues. Are you 'out of range' of the nearest cell tower?. I've gotten that before. Try going outside (even to the driveway)(that usually worked for me) just to see if you're getting a signal that way. The other thing you can do is to go somewhere that has Wi-Fi (a McD, DD or Starbucks should do) and turn off and on your phone. try connecting to their Wi-Fi to 'see' if it is indeed the home connection (thru your data not working) You're probably in a dead zone, when you're at home. Don't forget to turn your phone off and back on again. (make sure you know your PW, too) The hard rebooting should fix it imo.