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**Update** Buds Live Silicone sleeves

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 11:59 AM)
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Hey Samsung,  just giving quick shout out for the 3rd phone representative I spoke with to go about getting the Silicone sleeves for more snug fit for my Galaxy Buds Live. I didn't get his name, but he was very patient and ran into problems with the system to order these for me, he kept his calm pleasant demeanor and finally got the item ordered. Total length of phone call was one hour which includes the 2 previous representatives. I am glad I didn't take first guys suggestion of looking online for 3rd party retailers to purchase something that Samsung offers at no cost. 

True to the saying "Good things come to those who wait."

Much ❤😍💖 ❣ 
I'll update in 3-5 days (delivery time of course) after arrival and trial. 

I will keep positive thoughts going with my growing Galaxy devices. 

** Received the silicon sleeves around last Thursday or Friday. They are a little struggle to align perfectly. They certainly do keep me from inserting the Buds Live too far into my ear canals. Immediate improvement to the sound issues mentioned above. 

I also purchased a second pair of Buds Live (Red) and re-read the manual for proper insertion. I may have been inserting incorrectly all along. No issues with the Red vs the Bronze (before sleeves). 

Still love both pairs 💕 
Guess they just take more personal intimacy time to fully love more than hate. 
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