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Backup concerns SD Card

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Galaxy Note Phones

Sup guyz & galz?!! Hope ur day rocks so far! 

This was a few years ago when this happened but I still can't get over all the pics I think I lost. This is my shot at getting em back if there is one. 
I purchased a new phone a Note 10 Plus 5g. I backed up my S8+ Galaxy I wanted to move out of except media stuff. The media files pix vids etc I manually copied the files all onto the S8+ sdcard. Then I took that sdcard I'm gonna use on my new note 10 & moved all sdcard content to my Note 10s internal storage so I can format the card. Then I formatted my old sdcard for the new Note 10 on it to start clean. Then I moved that media back from its internal storage back into my sdcardnow that it's formatted.
I then still had a back up from my S8+ to restore like my call logs, texts etc off my S8+. I go into the Galaxy Note 10s backup & restore & told it to restore the S8+ backup onto my Note 10.
Apparently when I did this, it assumed I meant erase the content that was already on my Note 10 & replace it with whatever was my backup that I'm restoring yet it didmt ask me that at all or anything related to that. But all the pictures albums and videos I had copied over are missing not in my phone Gallery & my old S8+ was erased cuz if u recall I moved not copied the media.
Did it work as designed? I don't even know how it works but I wouldve assumed if it even considered erasing anything that it would've asked me that given that's how ths world of IT works with anything elad ive ever used. If it did erase the whole thing to restore my back up how the heck can I get that back or do a restore let's say after using a device for a year let's say? I have no clue where all the photos went from that old device now. 
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