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Camera app automatically sets to landscape mode

(Topic created: 02-16-2024 10:45 PM)
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Everytime I'm in the Camera app, my display orientation that is locked to stay put in Portrait ends up ignoring that setting under Options/Display settings. So Everytime Im using camera & I told my phone just perfectly it triggers Landscape display Mode & turns my display view sideways. Is there a setting in the Camera itself someplace to tell it to refer to my Display settings as God & to quit ignoring them so it stays put in Portrait when using it to take a photo? It's incredibly frustrating since I've gotta move the phone quite a lot at diff angles when attempting to capture an image & can't at yes cuz my screen keeps flipping to Landscape even tho my settings say not to. I don't have Auto Rotate on. This is on my Note 10 Plus 5g phone & all the necessary software & apps are current as of today. I cannot figure it out. I've only had one other time it's done this which is when I'm playing a game from Play Store which I've always just assumed the devs messed something up in their coding as the reason for that. But this is driving me nuts in the camera.

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You have a couple options. You can use a 3rd party camera app from the Google Play Store, possibly GCam, that will not force auto rotate. Alternatively, you could install an app that forces portrait orientation in the native Camera app, like Screen Orientation Control.
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My S23 ultra auto rotation just stopped working altho the auto rotate setting is on. I've restarted the phone and dug deep into the phones settings and apps to no avail.