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"Optimizing Apps" on Bootup?

(Topic created: 02-18-2024 05:11 PM)
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Why does my phone sometimes start slowing down when charging almost to a crawl breaking even & while charging not actually charge above whatever it was when u plugged it in. But usually it's accompanied by my phone on its way to overheating. This is while using the fast charger no less that's a step down from the max which I think it's 25W if it matters here. But normally it's quick. This will happen randomly but when it does I will force a restart on it since Ive had my identity jacked a cupl times that includes my devices IMEI etc in this so call it paranoid of me but I have good reason to be considering that's actually happened to me more times than I care to bore u with rt now & a few of these was by my own mobile carrier but specifically by their customer service reps who work in their Call Center that's over in Asia apparently & by people who aren't US Citizens no less which was certainly news to me when it was casually mentioned to me recently. Disturbing yes, but not why I'm writing u.

After I forced a restart, OFCASSIONALLY my device on bootup before the splash screen indicating the carriers network the Device is on currently I will get a strange Android screen that looks similar to the OS software update ones I'm used to seeing but it'll simply say "Optimizing Apps...." with a percentage bar showing it's status on "optimizing". What EXACTLY does that mean from a technical end? It's only on devices that are with this particular carrier that I have ever seen this screen. Because of this, can i assume that this is NOT Android but the mobile carrier screen even tho it's not labeled as such, and that it's most likely just the preloaded proprietary carrier softaware doing it's normal pr regular updating? I assume it's proprietary just cuz I have seen this on someone else's decide years ago that had the same mobile carrier as I do now. Then once it's thru, the splash screen will come up that says the mobile carrier that the device has service with for just a split second before the security code lock screen appears.
Would it be safe to assume that could def causd what I see logged in at that time the horrible slow down with its charging & the significant overheating prior? If so, why is that done without user being aware just cuz im using the device at the time but they tell me when it's rebooted otherwise I probly wouldn't know??? And I cannot ask my carrier so I appreciate ANY info u may have on it.
My concern is why aren't they telling me or more required to inform end users about this type of update if I'm using my device vs only when I force restart it do I ever see a msg about it or its progress & that it's doijg anything at all. But it's obv significant enough to cause 25W fast charging to slow to a crawl if it even charges above its current state at all during this time plus overheating like that. Is that the norm pretty much or standard practice is what I'm after?
Is there anyway to control that from an end user point in my settings without going into dev modes etc? Or atleast enable a notification for that in particular so it atleast tells me that it's goin on in the background so I don't think it's some hardware or software prob and panick?
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The "Optimizing Apps" screen is not necessarily limited to One UI updates. It also appears after a Google Play system update is successful.