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Galaxy S9+ 3 UI + Android 11?

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 12:05 AM)
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I've had my Gal. 9S+ since the day it was released. I continue to love it even more but feel some type of way toward Samsung for not including this model for the new Android 11 upgrade. 

I will hate to part with my phone but is there anything I can do to bypass the instalation freeze on 9S+ and actually download it so I can continue to enjoy this phone? Please, offer your best advice! 
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I can see how this issue can be problematic. Samsung has no way of bypassing any installation freeze on your phone. I will have to inform you that if you alter the software on your phone it could violate the warranty of your phone. If there is any further updates on your phone you can try the Samsung Smart Switch. Here's the link (https://www.samsung.com/us/apps/smart-switch/)