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Out of all the Galaxy S series phones, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was my favorite!

(Topic created: 06-12-2024 01:16 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Hi. I am new to this and I just wanted to say........ out of ALL the galaxy S series phones, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was my absolute favorite phone. The camera was absolutely amazing. I was ALWAYS taking pictures. My former boss always had me taking care of photos and videos at his functions. I could crop and edit photos and videos right there at the functions and he would have sets emailed by the end of that function. I mean, you can with the other ones too, but not like the S20 Ultra (in my opinion)


. I just don't like the pictures that come out on the newer ones. I, unfortunately, no longer have my S20 Ultra because of unavoidable circumstances.  I miss my S20 Ultra....... that phone was AMAZING!!!!!

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