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Smart Switch Signing Key mismatched message

(Topic created: 06-11-2024 02:47 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I am trying to get Samsung Smartswitch to work on an old Galaxy S5, which still works fine.  I want to use it as a backup to another S5 that I use, that also works fine. and copy my calendar and contacts to it.

I installed today the app without any problems from the Google App store.  When I try to start it  get the following message:

Signing key is mismatched between APK and firmware.
Please check and re-install ENG_APK to the Eng_firmware or USER_APK to the USER_firmware.
SmartSwitch does not work properly if signing key is missmatched

This message appears and disappears within two seconds.

Nothing has ever been done to this unit to try to root or otherwise do anything to the firmware on the phone.  I have no software that attempts to interact with the firmware.  In the past I have tried without success to install SmartSwitch on this phone

SmartSwitch  version works fine on the S5 that I regularly use.  Without SmartSwitch on my backup phone, I cannot use SmartSwitch on my regular phone to copy itself as an app to my backup phone.

When I get the message, the message appears on top of an Smart Switch uses these permissions disapply.  When I tap Allow on the screen, the screen goes away.  I looked in active applications and Smart Switch is not there.  

Restarting the phone does not help.


How cani get SmartSwitch go work?

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