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Suggestions, Feedback, and Leaks for the Galaxy S25 Ultra

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Hello, I have suggestions for 2025's Galaxy S25 Ultra, as the S24 Series came out, it's time to talk about the next generation of S Ultra. My suggestions are........

1. New camera design, no more "P" Shape.

2. Make the launch devices stable, barely to no issues.

3. New design language.

4. Make the S25 Ultra the best phone in the mid-2020s

Galaxy S25 Series will launch 15 years after the first Galaxy S, I hope they turn into the new Galaxy S10

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Here's our take on some of the things.

For the Americas, Hawaiian and other minor languages will be supported in One UI 7 for Wi-Fi-only tablets, not for smartphones or cellular tablets.

One of our S Pen nibs broke on the Tab S8 Ultra, you know. Not having a built-in S Pen slot is an issue.

We want a stronger titanium so that it doesn't scratch easily.

Who needs SD cards when their speeds are slow? Internal storage is better and more secure.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.

Cosmic Ray
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1. Rotate the camera and make it uniform so the phone doesn't wobble when laid on a flat surface. Also so it sits flush on wireless chargers.
2. Rounded corners and edges on the back of the phone so it doesn't dig into you hand.
3. Qi2 with strong magnetic connection and shielding.
4. Under-display selfie camera
5. IR blaster to control fans, TVs, etc.
6. Merge GOODLOCK into settings as advanced options.
7. Make Gboard the Samsung keyboard and work with Google to add Samsung specific features to Gboard via modules or API
8. Satellite connectivity
9. Phone as key for house and car
10. Dex version of Android Auto with more features that work with Samsung products and smart home 
11. AOD auto rotate
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Community Manager
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We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.

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Camera Stuff:

1: Fix raw support,  keep raw support real, ditch JPG XL go back to a mosaiced RAW file, then even Adobes Noise reduction AI will work

2: Finally give us object tracking autofocus in 50MP mode. 
2b: Eyedetect autofocus (human and animal) instead of  just face detect  (this is so 2010), some of the cameras have a shallow depth of field, having the tip of my nose in focus is not much fun, also no way to track animal faces currently

3: Don't hide the other camera modules when I have 50MP selected , that's wasting valuable time when switching, just remember the last used resolution per camera module and remember that when switching through all camera modules.

4: Give us a smart shutter speed limiter that I can tell to use 1/250 (or any other value fitting the situations) for people photography that will raise the ISO value if needed and uses faster shutter speeds in bright spots when ISO can't be lowered anymore, but no shorter speed so I won 't get blurry shots. 
4b: A sports mode with a higher shutter speed for the Auto Mode users (maybe 3 steps: normal, fast, really fast). 

5: What's the deal with the lowest manual ISO setting in Pro Mode being 50 for the main cam, while it's peak quality is at ISO10 only available in auto mode, don't do that. 

6: Give us burst mode in Pro with DNG , 3rd party apps can handle that. 

7: Give us the User Presets from ExpertRAW in Pro Mode 

8: 24 MP in Pro Mode (without autofocus limitations)


Not Camera related:

1: stop removing *.cr3 from the supported image files list in the filesystem, this is supported since Android 11, but not on Samsung devices.

2: don't remove Bluetooth Codecs APTX HD und APTX LL

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I really hope they put QI2 on S25 ultra and also a wired 65W charger and IR Blaster 

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1. IR blaster
2. Satellite connectivity
3. Phone as key for house and car
4. Finger-print sensor on the power button or back (keep screen clean)
5. Laser temperature sensor
6. Laser projector
7. Acoustic/laser distance measurement.
8. ANT+ support
9. UWB tags (Google Find My Device)
10. Wall stud finder
11. Ability to have different camera lenses/filters
12. Pop-up selfie camera (no notches on screen)
13 ECG reader
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Please fix the back so when I'm gaming on a flat surface it doesn't wobble I understand having a case on it fixes the issue somewhat but it makes it bulkier a flat back would be awesome
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Here's what I believe needs to happen in order for the upcoming S25 Series to be worth buying/upgrading in 2025.

1.all variants come with 256 GB/12 GB Ram. Kill off meaningless 128 GB/8 GB Ram since it no longer has SD card support. 
2. Regular S and S Plus both have 512/1 TB & 12 GB Ram options only in the US/Global markets with snapdragon chipsets only. 
3.Regular S and Plus have 5000 mah batteries, WQHD displays with 55 or 65w fast charging. 
4.All variants have 50 Mp Periscope Telephoto 3.2x or 5x zoom sensors with hybrid 10x zoom and 50x Super zoom. It's high time to kill off those weak 10 Mp 3x zoom sensors with terrible 30x zoom. 
5. 50 Mp Ultra wide sensors with auto focus with macro photography on all the entire lineup. 
6. Integrate the entire Goodlock modules into the actual software with vertical app drawer scrolling option. What does Samsung have against that? 
7. Bring back Colorful app notifications on Always On Display, no real reason for them all to be white unless we choose that as an option not forced. 
8. Camera Assistant App 3x, 4x zoom crop options need to added as well. 
9. Pro Video mode in camera app needs to have the ability to switch zoom options while recording. 
10. 24 Mp default output not 12 Mp for 50/200 Mp main sensors. Time to put apple in the grave. 
11. Expert Raw camera app also needs 24mp default images and 30x zoom instead of 20x across the board. 
12. Create Expert Video App (pro video mode on steroids) with zoom switching while recording on all resolutions. 
13. Last thing, bring back the option to turn the trash off or on in the settings like they were in one ui 5.1. 

Samsung these things need to be considered to the highest order on the priority list at headquarters. The S24 Ultra's story can't be " It Gets Better With Time" but not really topping the S23 Series. No more releasing unfinished products with unfinished software. Make sure the camera systems on these phones are ready for war on day 1 not almost 20 or 30 days after unboxing. There is no "wait for the updates" camera tests are happening immediately no questions asked after smart switch does its thing. It's time to put apple in the grave when it comes to every category possible. Why be number 2 at video recording when you can be number 1?
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