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Unknown Bluetooth devices and unknown devices in our emails?

(Topic created: 03-12-2024 05:50 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

One looks like N3X3L and N3X8NL, weird like that, plus a smart TV accesses my families email from all the way across the start in Caruthersville, MISSOURI & we live in Desloge/Parkville area? TV listed as .....3 Sessions on Smart TV 3941x2 Caruthersville on Fwb. 25th. Also my how do you delete your old devices off of the family and sharing group that you don't want to be a part of, all they do is keep living tobme about it but I've traced the IP addresses and have logs and logs and many may record pictures and videos as well as hand written logs. I just want them to stop and give me my privacy back???? Please help??? <hidden> thank you.

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