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Black screen of death on Galaxy S21+

(Topic created: 05-25-2022 07:36 AM)
Galaxy S21

Anybody have an input about my issue? Are Samsung phone batteries poorly manufactured these days? I have an S21+ and completely powered off last night. Restarted it with the side buttons and nothing happened. Tried charging and it did not respond not one vibration or status light. Tried on different chargers and same issue. Left it on fast charger for few hours and seems like it tried to restart cause I can feel it vibrate but continued on black screen. Connected on pc - no connection. In a dark room with flashlight- no display. Tried calling my number - unavailable..so it means it was completely turned off. I finally decided to slightly tap and rub the back and this silly goose decided to brightly power on and was on airplane mode which explains why it was unreachable other than being shutdown. WHY..?!! My S8+ did similar. Charging port on the first one caught fire so I had a replacement of the same model but the battery just overheated and stayed on and never go to sleep mode or power off so I had to completely remove the battery and let it cool down. Been trying not to switch to a different phone brand but this battery issue is getting inconvenient. 

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