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Trying to purchase a S21 Ultra 512Gb in Australia?

(Topic created: 07-22-2021 08:55 AM)
Galaxy S21

I live in Austria and have been trying for over a month now without success to buy the S21 Ultra 512Gb. This is a goodbye mail.

I have been in contact with the support from US, UK, DE, AT. I do not wish to purchase a mobile locked to a country company for support.

I have had Samsung mobiles for over 25 years but I recognise now it is time to change lanes. 

I understand a lot more and realise that you have a business model of country separation of companies but I do not want product that does not have international support.

1400€ is a lot of money and I was prepared to spend this but I have had enough because it is tiring to keep looking.

While UK and Germany have stock, the order page only supports "in-country" addresses and if I buy from either of these countries then I cannot go to Samsung Austria for any issues.

I really did not want an iPhone but I know they are truly international. Still thinking....

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