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Caller id voice changed

(Topic created: 06-14-2024 09:13 PM)
Galaxy S22

Ever since this UI 6.1 update my phone with the voice contact what it tells me when somebody calling me it's not my same Google voice as it was before this update I got some old grandpa voice that says the name now instead of my Google assistant voice why did y'all change that and I can't change the voice on the settings it won't allow me to can y'all please fix update so we can go back to our regular Google caller ID voice please immediately ASAP

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Galaxy S22
Did you empty the cache partition at any time after the update? Your phone could be confused. Try that first.
Are you talking about Google Voice? There must be something in the app settings to choose your voice. This sounds more like a Google issue than a Samsung issue. If you are speaking about the Samsung dialer, and you have it set to "read caller names aloud", it does not look like there is a way to change the voice. Perhaps they use Bixby's voice, and you may be able to change which voice is used in Bixby's settings.

Did your Google Assistant Voice change as well, or is it still the same? You can try resetting the voice by changing it to something else and then changing it back to the one you want and see if that helps. Search settings for "Google Assistant", click on the appropriate search result, scroll down til you see "Assistant voice & sounds" and click that and choose a voice.
I can't offer much more than this, because I don't use the caller announce setting.