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Recommendation for Samsung email app

(Topic created: 06-01-2024 04:00 AM)
Galaxy S22

I have a Samsung S22 Ultra. I have added my work email (Outlook) and Gmail accounts to the Samsung email app. When I'm reading an email, and want to mark it as unread, I go to the bottom right, tap the three dots, and tap the second option - "mark as unread". However, at times, by accident I have tapped "mark as spam." Which causes all emails from that sender to go to the spam folder. I cannot find any way to undo that action. The email account marked as spam by accident, does not show up on the list of spam addresses in the email app settings. 

There should be an option to undo an inadvertent action. I cannot manually mark every single email from that email account as "not spam". And even that does not stop any future emails from that account from going to the spam folder. 
The only solution I could find to this situation is by going to the affected Outlook email account settings on the computer and marking that user's email account as not spam. 
Is there a more convenient method to undo this inadvertent action from the phone itself?
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